DIRAK produces high quality closures and hinges next to other mountings for different purposes

This company develops innovative mounting components for coverings in machine construction, energy sector, medical technology, food industry as well as transport and railway facilities. DIRAK sells its customized products in over 40 nations worldwide. The company is also known for holding a large number of patents.

Snap Line

SNAP LINE is the substitute for common fixture methods including screws, nuts and installation tools.
No need for fixture materials which can be lost so easily. The D-Snap technology is based on a unique casing system with two wedge-shaped clip elements under spring tension, which snap perfectly into their designated position via cuttings in the metal sheet. As soon as it is snapped into its place a shaking- and vibration-proof connection is guaranteed. The disassembly for maintenance, repair or recycling purposes can be done very easily with a specific disassembly tool.

Cabinet Lock

 Cabinet locks for operations (double-bit, square box, three square)

 Cylindric cabinet locks

 Compression cabinet locks

 Tensioned cabinet locks

 Safety cabinet locks

 Combination locks

 Toggle cabinet locks

 Handle cabinet locks

Pivoting Lever

 Pivoting lever for round bars

 Pivoting lever for flat rods

 Pivoting lever for semi-cylinder

 Lever arm with sliding cover

 Pivoting lever with cylinder

Rod Lock Systems

 Bar locks for rod and bar locks for flat rods

 Flat rods with roller, flat bars with leading shoe

 Flat bars for double hook

Fasteners and Connectors

 Schell closures

 Case closures

 Compression latches


 Case closures

 Spring bolt

 Lever locks

 Flush closures


 Concealed hinges

 Folding hinges

 Concealed hinges

 In-house adjusters

 Fitting hinges

 Screw-on hinges

 Hinges for series cabinets

 Detachable hinges

 Adjustable hinges

 Torque hinges

 Locking hinges

 Adjustable hinges

 Pen hinges

 Spring hinges

Sealing Profiles

 Door sealing profiles

 Self-locking proflies

 Rectangular profiles

 Moss rubber profiles

 Window profiles

 EMC sealing profiles

 Sealing profiles

 Profiles for double doors

 Edge protection profiles

 Rubber buffer

 Fungal Buffer


 Plastic handles

 Aluminum handles

 Finger grips

 Swivel handles

 Bow handles

 Folding handles

 Handle cups

 Handle bars

 Bar handles

 Pulling handles

 Machine handles

Complementary Products

 Hole pattern covers

 Locking screws

 Cable entry


 Telescopic cover supports

 Flap adjuster

 Door locks

 Gear boxes

 Viewing window

Stainless Steel

 Stainless steel screw

 Stainless steel bar locks

 Stainless steel swivel lever

 Stainless steel hinges

 Round bar stainless steel

 Stainless steel bar


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