Our mechatronic locking systems are used in diverse business fields. This future-oriented product-line is amoungst the most popular. Here you can find all the most used variations and applications.

Data Center

Data security in data centers is fundamental. Software-based data protection has been developing continuously for years but the physical protection of data and network cabinets is just as crucial especially where many people have access – identification, organization and control is a must-have. For this purpose, E-LINE by DIRAK offers you innovative solutions that meet the high demands on safety, control, and integrability.

Colocation Center

In shared data centers with high traffic such as colocation centers, particular care must be taken to ensure the security of the respective customer data. E-LINE by DIRAK provides significant added value by enabling colocation providers with the possibility to give their customers access control at the server cabinet level with integrated automatic documentation functionality.

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Unsecured machine operators may be at considerable risk of injury. In order to protect your employees, E-LINE by DIRAK offers you an access control solution that only allows access if all the devices in the cabinet are switched off.


A primary focus of the telecommunications industry is the protection of the infrastructure against vandalism and the effects of the weather, since the housings are used in public and unguarded locations. E-LINE by DIRAK offers robust solutions specifically developed for these applications that can also be controlled by a management software in order to protect the critical infrastructure housed within.

Organize and Integrate

We have grown into the leading supplier of mechatronic locking systems in three applications:

System and access solutions for data and server racks. Both as standalone applications and networked system architectures, with the corresponding locking hierarchies

Locking solutions for outdoor enclosures for publicly accessible locations with special requirements in terms of protection against vandalism and manipulation

System solutions for industrial applications which can be installed in existing housings and machines and integrated into machine controls

We offer the securest solution for your application. Our experience and expertise is demonstrated in the variety of parts for the diverse market sectors we serve.