PINET – hinges and lockings for industrial purposes

PINET stands for hinges and lockings für indusial purposes on a top level and covers all the requirements on this specific field.

The traditional manufacture in France mainly produces hinges, closures, handles, telescopic rods, hatches and telescopic rails with a strong focus on the industy, but also special products and an exclusive assortment of premium steel.

This succsessful company is already 160 years old and has been extended with a branch establishment in Germany in 2005. The company focuses on long-term cooperation, client satisfaction, best product quality and excellent employees. Advanced training and innovation as well as reliable on-time delivery are of very high value.

PINET is internationally active and is one of the leading manufacturers of hinges and closures. The product assortment consists of standardised parts from the catalogue and individual parts for a variety of application forms.

Take a look at our assortment – if you have any questions or wishes regarding to the  products from the PINET-collection, please do not hesitate to contact us!